Spirit of the Hunt


The Spirit of the Hunt is personified in a large Gauru form werewolf. It has stark white fur, as well as, dead white eyes. It is abnormally large standing a good foot taller than most Werewolves in Gauru form.


Spirit of the Hunt is one of the most powerful entities within the area. In this Area it takes on the form of a Gauru form werewolf. It is terribly territorial and will attack any an all supernaturals that come near the Stillhouse lake area. That is the Spirits domain. Should any person or pack manage to defeat this Spirit they would have a powerful totem indeed. Most are not stupid enough to attempt such and endeavor as it will either result in high glory and renown or death.

Those who have encountered the being and lived to tell about it say that there is a sudden chill in the air and you can see your breath. It is also said that all sound ceases to be except the long howl that announces the Spirit’s presence.

Spirit of the Hunt

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