Sirah Lee Kalone

Rebellious Youth


A young white female with Blonde hair and blue/gray eyes. Her blonde hair is in dread locks. Her dreadlocks have various colored beads in it and small chains linked through it. She has her ears pierced up the side and has her septum pierced. She is generally seen dressed in jeans (pants or mini skirts) or flowing hippie style skirts. Her tops range from off the shoulder fitted tops and baggy style fashion t-shirts. She is usually wearing converses of various styles, boots (combat or heels), or flats. She also has dress clothes in pants, heels, and nice blouses in her wardrobe. She owns one stunning red cocktail dress with a black bow, made of satin and gathered above the knees. She also owns two country club style outfits, one being a tennis outfit and one being a button up shirt with khaki capris. She knows how to shop and understand fashion and name brands, and knows how to coordinate them and takes a certian level or pride in her apperance. She wears her make up fairly natural, however she frequetly showcases her lips in bright and shiny lip colors.


Sirah Lee Kalone was born in Rancho Santa Fe, California. She spent her summers there when she wasn’t at boarding school during the school year. Her mother, Dr. Karen Irene Kalone (53 years old), is the head of the Pediatric Department at the Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, CA. Her father, Bradley Kenneth Kalone (57 years old), is a part owner of Sloan and Kalone Law Offices in Oceanside, CA and one of the top lawyers in the state. Sirah has 7 siblings of various ages. Siblings include: Keegan David Kalone (26 years old), Damien Jay Kalone (20 years old), Jason Marcus Kalone (20 years old), Tyler Daniel Kalone (16 years old), Trevor Bradley Kalone (16 years old), Kenneth Davis Kalone (12 years old), and Kailey Jordan Kalone (12 years old). Keegan is a recent graduate from John Hopkins University as a Cardiologist, is a surgeon at Maryland General Hospital, is married to Jemma Crystal Kalone (a Pediatric student at John Hopkins University), is expecting his first daughter, and live in a townhouse in Baltimore, MA. Damien is a Marketing student at Harvard University, is engaged to Sandra Jane Wright (a Psychology student at Harvard University, 18), and rents an apartment in Cambridge, MA. Jason is a Law student at Harvard University, is engaged to Angela Ava Marie Lopez (A Neo-Natal Surgeon at Harvard University, 19), and shares the apartment with Damien. Tyler and Trevor are boarding students at Army and Naval Academy in Carlsbad, CA. Kenneth is a boarding student at Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, New Hampshire. Kailey is a gymnast at All Olympia Gymnastics Center in Los Angeles, CA where she lives in a girl’s dorm and attends schooling through the gym.

Sirah graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy 6 year ago. After graduating from Exeter she attended college at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts. She now lives in Denver, CO. Her parents expected her to take her degree and do something big with it, similar to becoming head of a museum. Sirah however followed her passion and decided to pursue a career as an artist, her medium of choice being paint. After making this decision her parents decided that they would not support her financially and that she had to figure out her life on her own. She still holds a relationship with her family, however it is greatly strained. Her first change happened when she was 22 years old. Moving from the dorms to her new apartment post-graduation she was mugged walking back to her car. She turned on the attacker and with her adrenaline flying slammed him into a wall and broke his back. The attacker died and after turning on him she was approached by a young woman in her building that carted her off into the forest and explained what had happened to her. Since she has lived on her own and painted when she has had the time. She has a small set of belongings that she travels with and carries extra clothes in two extra-large messenger bags. She has become more cautious of walking around at night and carries simple small personal protective items on her. She is fairly calm and balanced, until angered greatly, which results in huge blow outs. She has seen the life of having everything she wanted at the drop of a hat, the life of a high end aristocrat, and the one of the struggling artist, living from sold painting to sold painting. While in college she had saved most of her monthly allowance in fear of being financially cut off. This meant that when she graduated and was left to provide fully for herself, she had approx. $38500 in the bank. 2 years after graduating she has long termed leased an apartment in a secluded 4 floor 8 unit building in the woods, right outside of Denver. She paid $25000 for a 4 year lease. Between bills coming out and money coming in from painting sales she has about $10,000 in the bank. She has become slightly more financially aware; however she still succumbs to boughs of spending from time to time and slips back into her old spoiled brat ways.

Sirah Lee Kalone

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