Old Man

Mysterious, Tragic, and Dangerous....


He is often only seen out of the corner of your eye. When he does make his presence known it appears as if he can see right through you. He can always been seen on the other side of the street walking looking at the ground mumbling to himself. His brown leather jacket is old, torn and faded, much like his jeans. His eyes if you catch them will put such fear and hopelessness in your heart you feel as if you would die on the spot.


The story of the “Old Man”, is one of tragedy, heartache, and perseverance. No one alive today knows his actual name, he is simply “Old Man”. There are many rumors and myths about him, about who he was and what he really is, but no one knows for sure. Many believe that he is a lone wolf, pack-less, and completely insane. If you are every able to hear his story you would know that there is much much more to him then the rumors and hear say. He no longer holds any territory but no pack dare attack him or run him out of their respective territories. Some say that its out of respect and other out of fear. But many say its out of pity since he has no where else to go.

Old Man

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