Welcome to the Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Area, now get the hell out of here! Werewolf the Forsaken is a game of survival, horror and most importantly the HUNT! This Chronicle is set in the central Texas are where there are many things that go bump in the night. We are always looking for more players and people to join in. This a real pen and paper game played at my home. Not an email or chat based game. If we get enough people playing then we might move on to doing LARP, but only if the players want it. Shoot me a (the GM) a message if you are interested and want to know more, or find out our gaming schedule.


Our setting is that of Central Texas. Though the area’s history is short, it is very full and rich. Here in Killeen there are many people coming and going due to the large military instillation. Sadly though, Killeen is not just your average military town. There is much more to it. Many of the powers that be vie for control of the city and its surrounding boroughs and for the power found within. Most important is that the gauntlet which separates our world from that of the spirit world has been drastically weakened. It is up to the Forsaken to strengthen the gauntlet and bring back the balance. They must accomplish this while fending off Evil Spirits, the Pure, and the various other denizens that call the Uratha ‘Enemy’. Who shall be the victor? Who will stop the bleeding of the spirit world into our world? Who will bring back the balance? You? We shall see…There is a Storm Coming. Do you hear it?

Trial of the Wayward

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